You might think there is little to do in the garden until the better weather arrives. But in fact February provides you with more than a few tasks to do, not least a little clearing where it is warranted. By getting out there and doing a few of the preparation style jobs now, your life will be made much easier in a few weeks’ time.

Look after – and plant – seedlings and seeds

You might see a few seedlings coming up if you’ve previously planted bulbs. Make sure you clear the weeds from around them so they don’t get buried. Indeed, weeding the beds is a great idea this time of year; just be sure you don’t disturb any bulbs that haven’t quite sprouted yet.

Another job you can get started with is planting your seeds for the coming year. Figure out what you want to grow (sweet peas are a good idea) and get them started on a sunny windowsill if you have one. Begonias can also be started from seed this early.

Cut back your perennials

This is the time of year when you need to get serious with cutting back some plants. You should do this before they start to send out shoots for the new season. This gets rid of any dead wood from last year. Cutting back will encourage new growth low down, which is exactly where you want it.

Get your new season’s potatoes started


Another job for this stage of the year is to start chitting your seed potatoes. Keep an old egg box and sit them somewhere cool with the start of the shoots pointing upwards. This gives them a better start for when you can put them in the earth in a few weeks’ time.

Get cleaning

You won’t need your greenhouse or cold frame just yet, but you can give them a spring clean a bit early so they’re ready for when you need them. If your cold frame needs a new coat of wood preservative, this is also a good job to do on a cold but sunny February day.

Stay away from your lawn

It might sound extreme, but the worst thing you can do to a lawn at this time of the year is to walk on it. Stick to your stepping stones or path to avoid squashing the grass if you can.

Prune where needed


Pruning and deadheading are ideal jobs for February. Many people are nervous of pruning back, fearing they’ll go too far. But in most cases it makes sense to prune back really hard. Obviously it depends on the specific plant you are pruning, but generally speaking you can prune to a third or more of the total area the plant is taking up.

So if you are looking out your window yearning for better weather so you can get out in the garden, don’t wait. There is more than enough to keep you occupied at the moment.

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What are the garden jobs that you start in February?