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Hanging Baskets – 5 Ideal Plants for Hanging Baskets

A hanging basket is a wonderful way to add brightness, fragrance and colour to even the smallest garden or balcony. They are easy to make and look after, and will provide you with something pleasant to look at throughout the warmer months, and possibly into autumn and winter as well. Almost anything can be planted in a hanging basket, including fruit and vegetables, but most people want something vibrant and colourful to look at and choose to fill their hanging basket with flowers. Plus, if the basket is at head height, the flowers’ fragrance can be particularly effective. Image credit: www.aphotoathought.blogspot.co.uk

In Style

Styles have changed over the years, and contemporary hanging baskets are different from traditional styles. It used to be that a hanging basket had a central, upright ‘centrepiece’ plant – perhaps a fuchsia or a geranium – which was then surrounded by a ‘skirt’ of smaller plants like lobelias or pansies. These days, the preferred style is to use a single plant in a basket, creating a more solid appearance for greater impact. Taking the contemporary style as our guide, here are five plants that are ideal for hanging baskets:


A hanging basket classic, fuchsias are visually stunning and can make for a really spectacular display. Frilled fuchsias trailing down from the basket, and using only one type of flower rather than mixing cultivars, will give you something gorgeous to look at throughout the summer and into the autumn. Plant them in May, position them in full sunlight or partial shade and water them regularly for best results. Fuschias available to buy at: www.crocus.co.uk Image credit: www.tried-and-true.com


The cascading geranium is perfect for use in hanging baskets. They are very easy to grow and you are guaranteed a fantastic display of colour. Coming in different reds, pinks and purples, cascading geraniums are recognisable from the window boxes and hanging baskets which can be seen across Europe in summer.
Geraniums available to buy at: www.geraniumsuk.com image credit: diaryofamadgardener.blogspot.com

Sweet Peas

sweet peas
The beautiful colours and evocative fragrance of sweet peas make them perfect hanging basket plants. There are many different types available, but whichever you choose, make sure to keep the basket at head height so you can make the most of the delicious scent. Of all plants the sweet pea is perhaps the most reminiscent of summer. Sweet Peas available to buy at: www.unwins.co.uk image credit: www.thompson-morgan.com

Busy Lizzies (Impatiens)

Busy Lizzies
These beautiful flowers come in either solid or two-tone colours. They do very well in partial, or even full, shade so if you want to add some colour to a balcony that perhaps doesn’t get direct sunlight all day, then busy lizzies make excellent plants for your hanging baskets. Busy Lizzies available to buy at: www.thompson-morgan.com image credit: www.benary.com


Thanks to their bushy characteristic, lobelias do a great job of filling out a hanging basket. They work very well as trailing plants, giving your basket a beautiful cascading appearance. A popular choice is the Fountain mix which flowers between June and September and has a lovely combination of reds, pinks and whites. Lobelias available to buy at: www.amazon.co.uk image credit: www.plantstuff.blogspot.com