The great outdoors or even your garden is the perfect place for your solar power, particularly in the summer time. Even though there is little sunshine in the UK relative to the rest of the world, it most likely makes us happier than any other nation of people.

In recent times two things have happened as regards solar power and solar panels. The cost of solar panels has come down and the amount of power that they can harness has increased. This means that a whole new host of items are now realistic for solar power. So, let’s take a look at the best gadgets for the outdoors that use solar power.

Solar Powered BBQ

Want to cook your food without the aid of fossil fuels; well it seems there are a number of solar powered barbeques on offer currently. Helios’s solar grill is among the most notable and is around the same size as a traditional barbeque. The device essentially transfers the sun’s heat to the grill and then cooks the necessary food. Most of these devices also come with an electric plug in alternative.

Solar Heaters

The solar heater has come a long way in recent times and these devices manage to heat outdoor areas quite well and are often portable making them perfect for camping, hunting for spending time in the great outdoors. They are powered by PV panels and offer a green solution to other sorts of patio heaters.


Solar Power Torch

Anyone who has ever been camping knows the pain. It is pitch dark and you have to use the loo, you grab the torch and the light turns on before dimming to nothing. No more worries of this kind are required thanks to the solar power torch. These devices charge thanks to a solar panel and provide power for those darker moments in life.

Solar Battery

We keep talking about devices linking to batteries, so how about a solar battery? These are essentially a battery with a solar panel on top and all sorts of outlets, such as USB, 3 point plug etc. When the power goes down, or you’re out and about you can simply use them to charge your electrical items, meaning you can always remain in touch with the outside world.

Solar Powered Fountain


Solar power has its practical uses and it also has its beautiful ones too and one of our favourites is the solar power fountain bird bath. This device uses solar power to ensure there is a reliable source of power to work the pump and deliver a spring of water. All you need is moderate sunlight and you have a fine, working centre piece for your garden’s visitors.

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Guest post by: Cormac Reynolds writer for Lover of gadgets and also the great outdoors.