Are you making do with a couple of plastic garden chairs in your garden at the moment? If you are you will know how uncomfortable and indeed unsightly they can be.

Fortunately there are some practical and attractive solutions to this problem. Instead of opting for plastic chairs you can easily invest in some stylish and comfortable outdoor rattan chairs to use. There are lots of advantages to going with rattan, as you will see below.

Lots of styles to choose from

Whatever you have in mind for your garden, you will be pleased to know there are numerous kinds of rattan chairs to suit. Some designs, such as the Sofia armchair for example, are very blocky and modern in appearance. Others, such as the classic Savannah design, are more traditional and would look good in many a garden.

Some of the styles are more laid back than others as well, so consider whether you want a chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods, or whether you want something more upright to use for sitting at a table.

More than one colour option

You may think that outdoor rattan chairs only come in one or two colours. But you’d be wrong. While there is a good mix of browns available you can also get a good number of other colours as well, including grey and cream. So if you want something a little different to make sure it stands out in your garden, you should be able to find something that is just right for your needs.

You can mix and match frame and seat colours with some rattan chairs

Many outdoor rattan chairs come with seat pads as well. Some examples of chairs of this type include the Valencia armchair, the Kirar dining armchair and the Henriette dining armchair.

In every case you will have a selection of colours to choose from for the seat cushion. You may also have a choice of frame colours so you can mix and match them to come up with something unique and created just for you. It’s possible to match the seat cushion and the frame quite closely, but you can also look for a complete contrast if you wish.

For example the Roma armchair would look superb with a taupe seat cushion on a similarly coloured sand frame. Alternatively you could opt for a black frame with a stunning light coloured natural cushion, creating a totally different effect altogether.

As you can see there are many advantages to having outdoor rattan chairs for your garden. They can also inspire you to create different spaces in your garden to enjoy when you have some downtime. Whether you create a quiet reading corner or you decide to arrange a series of rattan dining chairs around a similarly designed garden table, these chairs provide the perfect solution for many different situations in the garden.

So all that remains is to decide which chairs you like the most, so you can invest in them today.