Even the most well tended garden could do with some livening up from time to time, and there are plenty of fairly simple ways to achieve this. If you feel that your patio, decking area or lawn needs a little something extra, either in the form of more colour, added textures or a standalone feature, there are many possibilities that won’t cost the earth or take a great deal of effort to install. Here are a few quick and easy ideas to help you decorate your garden.

Make an exotic container display

Sub-tropical plants like dahlias and euphorbias make for a striking and exotic display that is very easy to put together. One possibility is to take an old cattle trough, or even a tin bath, for a planter that is both perfect for the job and full of character. To achieve the desired look, first puncture holes in the bottom of the container, then lay some broken pieces of broken plant pots along the bottom to help with drainage. Add enough compost to fill two-thirds of the container and put in your selection of sub-tropical plants, placing the larger ones first. The result will be an attractive display of bold and statuesque plants.

See how to make a exotic container display


For a slightly different, but equally eye-catching display, try using a trio of rattan planters as your containers instead. The three different heights will provide a pleasing layered effect, and  create an exotic display that will grace any patio or decking area. If you would like a smaller display, you can use a single rattan planter, or for gardens with a more traditional design, a terracotta urn or antique pot. Glazed terracotta planters are a particularly attractive option for garden areas with a more rustic look and feel. Image source: www.gardenshowblog.com

Upcycle furniture and kitchenware


It is very likely that you might already have the items that will help to make your garden livelier lying around your home. Old pieces of furniture and crockery and can be conditioned and re-used as containers and display stands and even architectural features in your garden. This process is known as upcycling, and it is becoming increasingly popular with interior designers and inventive gardeners alike.

To upcycle an object is to improve it so that it can be given a new lease of life. So, an old kitchen table can be made to provide the perfect home for a display of potted plants in the garden, or old tea pots and jugs can become decorative garden jugs, as charming and colourful as the flowers and plants they contain. Upcycling items in this way will help to create a ‘shabby chic’ look in your garden. This design style is growing in popularity and favours items that have a careworn and weather-beaten look, suggesting character and a certain rustic charm.

Each of the ideas suggested here take a relatively short time and small amount of money to achieve. There are countless other possibilities for decorating your garden simply and cheaply, either with standalone features, plant displays or attractive garden furniture. As these suggestions illustrate, the only limit is your imagination.