Swimming pool owners across the country are currently peering glumly through their windows at their covered pools.

However, many are using their time inside as an opportunity to plan the ideal garden furniture layout around their pool, ready for that first hint of warm weather. Create a stylish and elegant setting that will have all of your visitors reaching for their swimsuits.

Finding shade


When you want to sit down with the family to enjoy a summer BBQ by the pool, the burning sun on your necks need not be a problem.

An aluminium garden parasol is ideal for providing your guests with shade during outdoor meal times.

Alternatively, be free of a centre pole in your table; invest in a cantilever parasol with a crank. A cantilever parasol is also ideal for those who like to stretch out in the shade. These have a wide reach to ensure every stray ankle is protected from the sun’s rays.

Getting comfortable

A matching garden furniture set gives your BBQs and parties a touch of style. Different types of chair are available to match the atmosphere you intend to create; traditional full back seating for an elegant outdoor dinner party; informal, close and comfortable sofa sets, or cube seats are immaculately upholstered to provide you with the comfort earnt after daily exercise in the pool.


When the British weather comes through for us, a comfortable sun lounger is the place to be. Stretch out and enjoy the sun’s rays. Choose furniture that is resistant to water and chlorine damage, cleans easily and is strong enough to last for multiple seasons.

Ultimate luxury

Day beds are building a reputation for their all-encompassing comfort. They let you sunbath, read, sleep and feel fantastic. Their curved shape and style give it the look of a throne, and the seating space resembles a bed. Whoever sits in it will rule over the day’s pool activities.

Adding some light

Those looking to extend their pool parties through the evening can do so cheaply with solar lighting. Impress your guests with different lighting effects created by their lights easy transportation. This allows you to use the swimming pool’s reflective qualities to create an elegant shimmering effect. Bask in the atmosphere around your garden furniture until late into the evening.

Summery surroundings

The natural features of your garden can easily be utilized to create the natural hideaway, or private oasis you crave.


Planters of various sizes let you manipulate the layout of your shrubs and poolside flower arrangements. Wicker covered planters add to the natural look of the area. They are also treated to make them durable in these splash prone conditions.

Enjoy the season early

Start your swimming season early by heating up your poolside; don’t let a spring breeze hold you back. Gas patio heaters allow you to enjoy the health and relaxation benefits of your swimming pool for longer with their toasty effects.

They are also ideal for prolonging pool parties through the evening to create memorable nights for all involved. Keep your family and guests comfortable under the stars.

Let your choice of garden furniture and accessories add to your swimming season’s fun and relaxation.

Guest post by Ascot Pools: Swimming Pool Specialists from Berkshire and Surrey.