Gardening is such a vast topic that no single individual can possibly know everything there is to know. You may have a library stocked full of reference books, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to find the solution to every problem that comes up. All gardeners need practical and up to date advice – as soon as possible – and this is what makes an online forum such a valuable resource. With tens of thousands of other gardeners and experts online, being a member of a good forum means that you don’t need to wait long to find out what need to know. Here is our guide to a few of the best gardening forums for help and advice. (Featured image courtesy

Gardeners’ World


The online forum for Gardeners’ World magazine is, as you would expect, a fantastic resource for both experienced gardeners and newbies alike. It’s very easy to join (you can connect with your Facebook log in if you wish), and the thousands of threads are divided into easy-to-access topics like Plants, Wildlife Gardening and Tools & Techniques. The most recent threads and comments are featured on the homepage of the Gardeners’ World website, so if you want a shot at internet gardening stardom, this is your chance. Visit forum

Gardeners Corner


Over ten thousand members and almost fifty thousand discussions mean that this is clearly a popular and respected online forum. There are a lot of topic categories, all accessible from the homepage, so you can dive straight in and find the thread that is most interesting for you. With everything covered from Allotments and Tools to Poly Tunnels and Cacti, this might just live up to its sub-heading: ‘The only Gardening forum you will ever Need!’ Visit forum

My Garden


My Garden is the Royal Horticultural Society website’s online community area. It includes a comprehensive and regularly updated blog, a section for people to add photos of their gardens, and also a very popular forum, allowing users to ask for help and to provide one another with valuable advice. With almost eighty thousand users, the pull of the RHS and the extra features on offer have made this website an essential resource for gardeners. Visit forum

Garden Banter


Aptly named, Garden Banter gives gardeners the opportunity to chat amongst themselves, swapping useful gardening tips and advice. There are separate Regional Gardening Discussions, including the UK, Australia and Texas, which is a great feature, as the differing climates and eco-systems mean very different gardening conditions. At the time of writing, there were almost 150,000 different threads on this forum, so there’s certain to be something for every gardener. Visit forum

The Grapevine


This forum belongs to the website of Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg: ‘the UK’s number 1 kitchen garden mag’. With sections about allotments and keeping chickens as well as planting and  herbs the emphasis here is on sharing questions and advice about edible produce. There is a lot of detailed information on this forum, so if you have questions about growing your own fruit and veg, this could be a good forum for you. Visit forum

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