Outdoor furniture allows you to make more of your garden, and enjoy spending more quality time outside for longer – especially attractive and hardwearing rattan garden furniture. Having a comfortable dining set means that you can enjoy leisurely lunches as well as sociable dinners with friends that last long into the evening. A sun lounger gives you the chance to lie back and relax and make the most of the good weather we’ve been having. A bistro set allows you to sit and enjoy a drink as you watch the sun go down. All of these things and more are made possible by the right pieces of furniture and warm and pleasant weather.

It seems a shame then to have to go straight back inside inside as soon as the weather chills a little. Even during periods of glorious weather there can be cooler spells and there’s no denying that when the sun sets the prospect of staying outdoors becomes a little less appealing. But this doesn’t have to be the case. A patio heater – whether electric or gas, large or small – solves the problem of what to do when the weather gets cooler, and gives you the opportunity to carry on enjoying using your garden for as long as you like.


Outdoor Heating

A garden heater represents the best way for you to stay warm and enjoy the outdoors without any hint of discomfort, and the good news is that outdoor heating doesn’t have to mean adding an imposing monstrosity that guzzles energy to your patio. RattanGardenFurniture.co.uksupplies energy efficient garden heaters that come in attractive designs. A variety of sizes and design styles are available so that you can find a heater that will suit your preference with regards to the type of energy it uses, as well as the size of your patio and your heating requirements. Image source: www.gardenbuilders.co.uk

Gas Patio Heaters

One of the key benefits of gas patio heaters is that they can be capable of heating a large area, without using excessive quantities of gas. A heater with a 13kW heat output, such as this Green Patio Heater, can comfortably warm an area of 22 metres squared. If your gathering is a little smaller, that’s no problem either, as the heat output is variable, which means that you can focus the warmth on a smaller area when necessary.

While the Green Patio Heater has a pleasingly traditional appearance, reminiscent of old-style street lamps, other more contemporary designs are also available. The Pyramid Flame Patio Heater boasts a stylish Shard-like silhouette, and the eye-catching pyramid flame gives the heater a truly mesmerising appeal.


Electric Patio Heaters

A key advantage of electric patio heaters is that they are able to offer almost maximum heat efficiency, which means that all of the energy that goes into them comes out as heat. They can also be used to great effect in smaller spaces. A Wall-mounted Patio Heater like this 1kW model is perfect for providing plenty of warmth and comfort in more intimate situations. It can also be used as a light, so as the evening progresses and the sun comes down, there really won’t be any need for you to move the party indoors.