The Oren deluxe garden furniture covers are our premium covers made from durable water-resistant PVC backed polyester.

Rattan furniture is long-lasting and able to withstand exposure to the elements, but it also pays to keep it properly covered.

Having weatherproof covers for garden furniture, especially ones that are a perfect fit for each item or set, can be of great benefit to the long term condition of your tables, chairs, parasols and sun loungers. And with garden furniture covers in place, there’s no need to pack away cushions or remove table tops. View our range of garden furniture covers here.

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Rattan Furniture Covers

The beauty of having dedicated covers for garden furniture is that you never need to worry about your precious rattan tables and chairs getting dirty or being damaged by the wind and the rain. Made from polyester, or PVC-backed polyester, these covers are extremely tough, and immune to whatever the weather can throw at them. Having eyelets and a drawstring means that they can be held tightly around the furniture - leaving no gaps and protecting your furniture to the utmost.

Free yourself from the hassle of putting your cushions away in boxes, or removing table tops by using a weatherproof furniture cover. As for the rattan furniture itself, in most cases, leaving it open to the elements will cause little or no harm in the short term. However, for longer periods, and in more extreme weather conditions, having a cover that fits snugly over garden furniture sets, as well as garden parasols, is a good idea. Rattan weave is extremely durable, as well as being easy to clean, but for it to last as long as its potential time span, it pays to keep it covered, particularly when the weather is bad.

Waterproof Garden Furniture Covers

As well as safeguarding against the wind and the any detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, these outdoor furniture covers are waterproof. Thanks to their polyester-based material, rainwater cannot seep through the fabric. This also makes these garden table covers incredibly easy to maintain; simply wash them by hand with soapy water and your furniture cover will look as good as new.

Available in a range of sizes, these covers are tailored exactly to the dimensions of your furniture item, even for rattan cube sets and dining sets. Fastened by a tough drawstring, which is fed through metal eyelets, the covers make a snug fit around the furniture, minimizing the chances of any exposure to the elements during bad weather, and giving you peace of mind that your furniture is being cared for, even when you leave home for long periods.

As durable and hardwearing as rattan garden furniture undoubtedly is, spending a small amount on dedicated furniture covers such as these is an investment, helping to ensure that your beautiful garden furniture, and the cushions and table tops, will be with you for many years to come.