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Rattan Cube Sets

Enjoy luxury furniture for your garden or conservatory which maximises the available space for the times when it is not in use. Our rattan cube sets are attractive, durable and extremely economical in its use of space.

View our range of beautiful rattan furniture, starting with two-seat sets and moving up to six-seat sets plus footstools. All come with a one-year warranty and make an appealing addition to any garden or conservatory.

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3 Item(s)

Rattan Cube Garden Furniture

Made with a beautiful rattan weave wrapped around a cast aluminium frame, rattan garden tables and chairs are both attractive and durable. The look and feel of the rattan weave gives the furniture its organic aesthetic, while the shape and structure is contemporary, perfectly in keeping with a modern home. Aluminium is a light but tough metal, which both gives the furniture its strength and makes it easy to lift and move around.

The convenience and ease of cube garden furniture is added to by the relaxation these sets can provide. Soft cushions and footstools can be tucked neatly into chairs during storage, and provide added comfort when the furniture is in use. Two-seat stacking square bistro sets offer a neat and stylish addition to any patio space or conservatory. The chairs can be inter-locked and stacked vertically, and then topped with the square table, to make an extremely small footprint during storage.

Enjoy your time relaxing in the summer sun by adding a parasol to your rattan garden set. These elegant and attractive accessories make an effective barrier against the sun’s rays. Garden parasols are also easy to fold away and store.

The Rattan Cube

Our rattan cube sets give you all the comfort you would expect from quality garden furniture, and they take up the minimum of precious living space when it comes time to store them away. The chairs and cushions have been designed in such a way so that they can be neatly packed away and stored to take up the minimum of space.

A four-seat and six-seat rattan garden furniture cube set includes a dining table, which the chairs can be fitted under neatly. Any cushions or footstools have also been designed so that they can be hidden inside the chairs. The result is a neat, unobtrusive cube shape. Thanks to the lightness of the tables and chairs, folding and packing is easy to do and hassle-free.

During the winter months, the cube can be protected from the elements by a garden furniture cover, which has been specifically designed to accommodate your garden furniture set.

With a Rattan Cube set, it is possible for you to enjoy the warmer months in comfort and style, and not have to worry about loss of space during the rest of the year.