Dining Sets

The dining sets we sell are truly wonderful and lovely. We are sure you will find something you like.

A relaxing meal on the patio with family and friends is one of those things which can make a summer evening really special.

When the weather’s fine, having rattan garden table and chairs, which are both comfortable and attractive, can make the difference between a nice meal outdoors and an unforgettable one. View our range of rattan dining sets and find the perfect furniture for your garden.

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Garden Table and Chairs

Make the most of a long summer evening with the kind of table and chairs that will enhance your outdoor dining experience. Whether you are planning to host a large gathering, or have something more intimate in mind, there is a rattan furniture set which is ideal for your needs.

Our selection of garden furniture sets includes everything from two-seat sets, complete with a small table, to ones as large as eight-seats which come with a long rectangular table. Whichever size set you choose, be rest assured that the design quality is consistently high. Sophistication and elegance are the cornerstones of our team’s approach to furniture design, and the strength of the rattan weave, bolstered by an aluminium frame, ensures that your furniture is not only attractive but durable: the perfect combination for outdoor use.

Lively dinner parties, large family get-togethers, impromptu barbecues, laid-back lunches and intimate soirees: all benefit from quality rattan garden furniture. As long as you are comfortable and relaxed, the food and drink will be enjoyed and the conversation will flow.

Patio Furniture

A patio provides the platform from which you can enjoy the rest of your garden, so it’s important to choose the furniture that both you and your garden deserve. As an addition to a dining set, parasols help to make your outdoor dining experience all the more enjoyable.

With a parasol to shield your eyes from the summer sun a relaxing lunch on the patio can stretch into a pleasant siesta. Our garden sets come with comfortable cushions in pleasing natural colours that complement rattan’s organic appearance, and add to your sense of relaxation. For times when the weather is less pleasant, it’s good to know that garden furniture covers can protect the tables and chairs from the wind and the rain.

Having the patio furniture that suits your taste and complements your garden’s design can really make the difference, not only in adding to the beauty of the area immediately around your home, but also to your enjoyment of it. And enjoying the outdoors is what makes the warmer seasons so pleasant.